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Business & Real Estate Law

Creative Legal Solutions for Business Law Clients

Starkey Law, LLC offers creative solutions and industry specific legal advice to our Business Clients. We are committed to helping your business succeed by offering comprehensive legal services from the inception/formation stage through dissolution/sale/retirement. 

Business & Real Estate Law Services

Business Formation

Starting a new business is such an exciting period of time, but it can also be full of doubt and hesitation.  At Starkey Law, LLC we enjoy working with you to ensure your checklists are complete, to discuss ideas, to provide big picture advice when you can't see the forest through the trees.  When forming a new business we offer experience in the following legal services:

  • Determining which business entity best fits your needs

  • Tax advice/ramifications

  • Preparation of Business Organizational documents

    • Articles of Organization/Incorporation

    • Bylaws

    • Operating Agreements

    • Partnership Agreements

  • Preparation of Business Succession Plans 

    • Buy-Sell Agreements

    • Stock Option Agreements

    • Buy-Out Agreements

  • Licensing and Administrative issues

  • Financial Issues

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Business Transactions

Once you're up and running, your needs as a client will likely change.   We have experience handling the review, modification, and restructuring of existing business structures, negotiation and preparation of Sales Agreements, Contracts and Notes, Collections, and Sale/Dissolution of businesses.  We also offer alternative dispute resolution / mediation as an alternative to litigating disputes.


Real Estate

Whether you are renting or buying property for your business operations, we can help.  Starkey Law, LLC, has experience drafting Sales Agreements, Contracts, Notes, Mortgages, Leases, Easements, Maintenance Agreements, and Deeds. 

Starting a Business?  Find out if your checklist is complete.

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