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Starkey Law, LLC

What Makes Us Different?
Our clients can expect legal service that is:
Contemplated & Analytical
Detailed & Organized


Starkey Law, LLC, is located in Prince Frederick, Maryland and serves clients throughout Maryland.  Our primary concerns are client satisfaction and client convenience.    We provide comprehensive Estate Planning, Business Organization & Transactions, Commercial & Residential Real Estate Transactions, Probate, and Mediation services to Individuals, Businesses, and Farm Owners throughout the State of Maryland.
At Starkey Law, LLC, our clients are encouraged to ask questions, vocalize their goals, and voice their concerns.  We are committed to providing personalized legal representation, offering our clients the following services:
Convenient Appointments
Client-Attorney Appointments are scheduled with the client's comfort and convenience in mind, offering the choice between [free-of-charge]:
  • In-Office
  • In-Home
  • On-Site (Hospital/Nursing Home),
  • Conference Call, and/or
  • Skype Calls
Collaboration with Accounting / Financial Professionals
We will work closely with your Accountant and/or Financial Advisor to ensure your needs are met with a comprehensive strategy.
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