Private Mediation

Private Mediation is an alternative to Court-Ordered Mediation.   Like Court-Ordered Mediation, Private Mediation is a confidential process conducted by trained, impartial Mediators. Private Mediation, however, differs from Court-Ordered Mediation by offering Participants more flexibility and the following additional benefits:
  • Open to All Disputes and Case Types - Not all cases are eligible for Court-Ordered Mediation;
  • Selection of MediatorParticipants may choose any Mediator (even if he/she is not a Court-Appointed Mediator);
  • Voluntary Participation - Participation is voluntary (the Court can not order anyone to attend Private Mediation);
  • Option to Terminate - Participants may terminate the Mediation session at any time and are not required to complete a specific number of Mediation hours and/or sessions;
  • No Deadline to Complete - Participants have flexibility in scheduling and completion;
  • Flexibility in Duration - Participants are not limited to 2-hr sessions;
  • Flexibility in Sessions - Participants are not limited to a set number of sessions;
  • Attorney Participation - Participants may elect to have his/her attorney present; and
  • No Court Case Requirement - Participants may complete Private Mediation without ever filing a case in Court.
What is Private Mediation?
Who pays for Private Mediation?
Typically the Mediation fees are split equally between the parties (unless there is an agreement otherwise).  
How much does Private Mediation cost?
Mediation fees vary by type of case.  Click here for a list of Mediation fees.
Can I choose my Mediator?
Yes, however, the parties and attorneys (if applicable) must agree on the Mediator.
Court-Ordered Mediation is not available for my case, now what?
You can always elect to participate in Private Mediation to attempt to settle your case if your case is not eligible for the Court-Ordered Mediation Program. 
My case has not been filed in Court, can I still participate in Mediation?
Yes, you can participate in Private Mediation prior to (and without ever) filing anything in Court.
What are the qualifications of a Private Mediator?
Currently, there is no required certification to practice as a Private Mediator in Maryland.   Before selecting a Private Mediator, it is highly recommended that you ask for his/her qualifications, training, and experience.  At Starkey Law, LLC, our Private Mediator is also a Court-Appointed Mediator, which means our Mediator has completed all of the requirements of the court-approved Mediation training program.  Our Mediator is also a member of the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME), a program that focuses on providing high quality mediation services to mediation participants by requiring its Mediators to commit to (a) continued learning and development; (b) abiding by the Maryland Standards of Conduct for Mediators; and cooperating with the Mediation Ombuds Program.

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