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Mediation Services

Starkey Law, LLC offers Court-Ordered and Private Mediation Services in the following matters:
Custody Mediation
Child Custody Mediation
Visitation & Access Schedules
Parenting Plans
Child Support
Divorce Mediation
Home & Investment Property Division
Asset Division
Spousal Support & Alimony
Tax & Debt Division
Divorce Mediation
Probate Mediation
Estate & Probate Mediation
Family Conflict
Will & Probate Disputes
Real Property Mediation
Contract & Land Disputes
Landlord / Tenant Disputes
Neighbor Disputes
Property Mediation
Workplace Mediation
Workplace Mediation
Employer / Employee Conflict
Coworker Disputes
Termination Disputes
Student / Teen Mediation
Student / School Conflict
Parent / Teen Conflict
Cyberspace / Online Conflict
Student Mediation
Business Mediation
Buy-Out & Buy-Sell Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Business Dissolution Disputes
Personal Injury
Motor Vehicle
Slip & Fall
Dog Bites
Insurance Disputes
Personal Injury Mediation

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