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Meet Our Mediator

Anna E. Starkey, Esq.

Anna E. Starkey, Esq., is the founding member of Starkey Law, LLC, a trained, court-appointed mediator, and attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland.


As a mediator, Anna offers her legal experience practicing in the the areas of:  Custody & Divorce / Domestic Law,  Personal Injury Law, Real Property Law, and Estate & Probate Law.  

Anna is analytical, yet creative.  She is dedicated to problem-solving and fairness, and will not rest until all options have been explored.

Professional Associations and Certificates/Licenses

​Calvert County Chamber of Commerce, member

Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME), member

Court-Appointed Mediator / Approved ADR Practitioner,

Circuit Court for Calvert, St. Mary's, Queen Anne's County

Continuing Education:

40 Hour Basic Mediation Training (2016)

20 Hour Parenting and Child Access Mediation Training (2016)

20 Hour Divorce - Property and Financial Issues Mediation Training (2016)

2 Hours - Mediator Confidential (2016)

2 Hours - Basic Ethics for Mediators (2016)

4 Hours - Effective Mediation of Commercial Insurance and

Other Multi-Issue Disputes (2017)

1 Hour - Upping Your Game: The Balancing Act Between Tending and Moving (2017)

1.5 Hours - MSBA Improve Your Mediation Skills (2017)

1 Hour - Practical Tips on Mediating Business Disputes (2017)

2 Hours - The Perils of Social Media (2017)

1 Hour - Where in the World is Collaborative Practice? (2017)

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