Probate is required when an individual dies owning individual assets.  The Probate procedure (enforced by the Orphan's Court) obligates an Executor/Personal Representative (typically a spouse or an adult child) to locate, value, and report all known assets and debts of the deceased at the time of his/her death.  The Probate process can be extremely frustrating for an individual unfamiliar with the law.  


With the numerous filings required, revolving deadlines, strict Notice requirements, and accounting, the Probate process can last anywhere between 8-18 months (for simple Estates) to many years (for more complex Estates).  With inexperience tending to cause further delay, it is likely that family members who already have pre-existing familial problems will create additional issues to tackle through the Probate process.




With years of experience in Probate law, Starkey Law, LLC can help you steer clear of avoidable delays and guide you through the Probate process in an efficient and expeditious manner, offering you experience with the following services:

  • Preparation and Filing of Probate Documents

Petition for Administration of Estate

List of Interested Persons

Inventory and Supporting Schedules

Information Report

Petition for Funeral Expenses


Personal Representative Deeds

  • Will Contests

  • Bond Services

  • Service

  • Notice Requirements

  • Appraisals

  • Debt Negotiation

  • Tax Issues

  • Family Disputes

  • Litigation 

  • Estate Distributions

Loss of a loved one?  Don't go at it alone.

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