Things Your Attorney Doesn't Tell You

Things your Attorney Doesn’t Tell you...About Their Golf Game

In honor of the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce 20th Annual Golf Classic scheduled for THIS Friday, May 6th at the Chesapeake Hills Golf Course, I write this blog to encourage everyone to participate, ditch those inhibitions and just have some fun. You won’t be disappointed - the course will be filled with contests, goody bags, food, and drinks offered by local businesses, including:

An Interactive Hole sponsored by Starkey Law, LLC, which will be offering a refreshing “Party Starter” drink and free goodies.

A Personal Journey to Celebrating Golf

One could sum up my entire existence as a child in two words: “Avid Athlete.” Basically, if it didn’t involve a ball, special shoes, and a score I wasn’t interested. Except for golf.

I did not pick up my first golf club until after receiving my first acceptance letter to law school. My father, ignoring the achievement, nonchalantly said, “Well, I guess you’ll have to take up golf.” Of course, his flippant remark was endearing and meant only to convey his confidence in me – he believed golf and/or the legal profession would come easy to me.

Clearly, my father never played golf – it is one of the most challenging sports, requiring a combination of concentration and athleticism. I spent the first year of my golfing career (365 full long days) in a perpetual mental state of embarrassment and frustration and a perpetual physical state of wading through 3-foot pond grass, combing through impenetrable pricker bushes, yelling “FOUR!” and doing the walk of shame to pick up my ball which has landed at the feet of the group ahead.

If I can do it, you can do it

No one is good at golf the first day. I am the first one to admit – I was terrible (a shout-out and big thank-you to all those male threesome golf groups that allowed me to play along and take unlimited mulligans). But, that shouldn’t stop you from playing. Sure, there may be moments of misery, but golf isn’t really about the score. It’s about celebrating that one great shot you had on the 4th hole. It’s about getting outside for an entire day. It’s about spending time with your friends, coworkers, or clients in an informal, unhurried setting. It’s about having fun.

So, no matter what your handicap is (or if you even know what a handicap is), male or female, first-timer or pro, I encourage you all to come play in the Calvert County Chamber 20th Annual Golf Classic this Friday. You can register for the golf event by following this link: Golf Classic Registration

And don’t forget to stop by our Interactive Hole sponsored by Starkey Law, LLC, for a refreshing “Party Starter” drink on us. See you all on Friday!

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