5 Things You Can Do From a Beach Chair to Start Your Estate Plan

Today marks the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER, and if you're anything like me the last you want to do is sit indoors and sort through papers, planning for your death.

To help you make that first step toward completing your estate plan, here are 5 things anyone can do from a beach chair:

1. Apply Sunscreen - Nobody likes premature wrinkles.

2. Commit to a Deadline - When you've finished taking pictures of your feet in the sand, open up your Calendar App, pick a date, and schedule "Estate Planning Deadline."

3. Pick a Guardian - Open your phone Contacts, scroll from A to Z, and answer:

a. Who is the most dependable and trustworthy?

b. Whose parenting style is the most similar to yours?

c. Whose morals, beliefs, and life goals are most inline with yours?

d. Who do you most admire?

e. Who does your child feel the most comfortable with?

4. Schedule a Free Consultation – You’re on a roll… don’t stop now!

Let Starkey Law, LLC, help.

To schedule your free consultation CLICK HERE

We will make accommodations to fit your schedule – offering in-home appointments and afterhours/weekend appointments - just let us know your preferred dates & times.

5. Toast to Yourself – Whew! That was hard work! Reach your hand into that red Igloo cooler and grab yourself an iced-cold refreshment. (You didn’t drag that thing across the hot sand for nothing!)

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