Starkey Law, LLC, is proud to announce that its Mediators, Anna E. Starkey, Esq., and Tessa Grosskurth, have been approved for Court-Ordered Mediation and are designated as ADR Practitioners for the Circuit Court for Calvert County, Maryland.

If you're wondering: "What is

Court-Ordered Mediation?" Here's what you need to know:

Every Circuit Court in Maryland has a Court-Ordered Mediation Program - a program which refers and/or requires the opposing parties to a case, which has been filed in the Circuit Court, to attend Mediation before the case is decided by a Judge. This program aims to assist conflicting parties to settle their issues and avoid having to litigate the case in Court.

If you have a case pending in a Circuit Court in Maryland, you may be referred to the Court-Ordered Mediation Program, however, not all types of cases are eligible for the program and each jurisdiction is different. All of these Courts have a Family Mediation Program for Child Custody cases. In addition, some of these Courts also have a Marital Property Mediation Program for Divorce cases and/or a Civil Non-Domestic Mediation Program. Learn more here.

As Court-Appointed Mediators, Anna and Tessa strive to always provide prompt responses to all inquiries and scheduling requests and are committed to meeting all of your mediation needs (including, assisting with the preparation of detailed and accurate agreements and ensuring your Court imposed deadlines and requirements are met).

To learn more about our services and/or to schedule your Private or Court-Ordered Mediation with Starkey Law, LLC, please click here.

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