Good Cop / Bad Cop?

Good Cop / Bad Cop? Why Co-Mediation Works.

Unless this is you (aka: living under a rock), chances are you know what the ol’ “good cop / bad cop routine” is.

In case you do in fact live under a rock - Wikipedia defines it as a psychological tactic used in negotiation and interrogation where there are two interrogators, one a friend, and one a foe.

Still unsure? Check-out this clip [arguably the best good cop / bad cop interrogation scene - “The Heat” starring Sandra Bullock (good cop) and Melissa McCarthy (bad cop)].

Despite the good cop / bad cop routine being hilarious in a movie, it is not so funny when it’s you trapped in a room, squeezed between an aggressive, accusatory stranger and a sympathetic, yet phony “best friend,” being pushed in a direction you aren’t comfortable with.

Starkey Law, LLC offers Co-Mediation (Mediation facilitated by two trained Mediators) as an option for all of our Mediation participants. Fortunately, our Co-Mediation process is distinct, bearing no resemblance to that good cop / bad cop routine, aside from the fact that there will be two (2) of us in the room.

In fact, the Co-Mediation model has been shown to have many benefits, often times making it a better choice for someone involved in a dispute. For a straightforward summary of these benefits, check out: The Benefits of Co-Mediation in Family Court,” by Gregory S. Forman.

Specific to Starkey Law, LLC, our Co-Mediators, Tessa Grosskurth and Anna E. Starkey, Esq., offer complimentary mediation styles through diversity in professional experiences and distinct, yet amicable personalities. To learn more about why Tessa and Anna make a great team, click here.

If you are ready to schedule your Co-Mediation and/or have additional questions about our process, contact Starkey Law, LLC here. We promise, no one will throw a phone book at you. (See The Heat” above).

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