5 Things Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You That Everyone Should Know

We’ve all been there … anxiously seated on a paper covered exam table, silently reciting symptoms in our heads, a rehearsal for the 4 minutes 20 seconds of time allotted when the doctor makes an appearance.

When he/she finally comes barreling through Waiting Room #2, your brain goes instantly blank, the rehearsed list of concerns, now fleeting. Unless you have a predisposition for bullying, chances are you leave having voiced a meager 50% of your concerns.

If you haven’t discussed with your doctor the importance of your Advance Directive and/or Living Will and why everyone needs one, you are not alone. Starkey Law, LLC, is here to help – providing the answers to the top 5 questions everyone should know:

1. What are Advance Directives and/or Living Wills?

These are legal documents that state your preferences for medical care if/when you are unable to state these preferences yourself.

2. I am young and healthy, do I still need an Advance Directive?

Yes. Accidents happen. Young adults are at higher risk of medical technology prolonging death after an accident resulting in a vegetative state with no reasonable expectation of ever regaining consciousness.

3. What happens if I am injured and do not have an Advance Directive?

Under Maryland Law, a “surrogate decision maker” (typically a relative) can petition your health care provider for approval to make medical decisions on your behalf. Without an Advance Directive, there is the opportunity for conflicting family members to have input on your care, which may cause a delay in treatment and irreparable harm to the family.

4. Can my Advance Directive be used to override my medical decisions if I am healthy and competent?

No. If you are healthy and competent, you will always have the right to make your own medical decisions.

5. I do not want to think about my death - how unpleasant is this process?

It is completely normal to be uncomfortable talking about death .Starkey Law, LLC, understands this - making the process simple and effortless. Gain peace of mind knowing your loved ones will have a clear plan in the event of an accident or illness - Email or Call us at (410) 535 - 0724 today.

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