Two Major Events That May Impact Your Weekend

No we are not talking about executive orders, taxes or major storms heading our way. We are talking about Selection Sunday and Daylight Saving Time!

March Madness is upon us with Selection Sunday this weekend. Whether you follow men’s college basketball or not you probably know someone who is participating in the bracket challenge.

The great thing about the challenge is that anyone can participate. You don’t have to have a favorite team or follow all the games. I have known participants to pick teams based on the color of the jerseys, the length of the team’s name or the mascots. While others like to pick a chalk bracket (meaning they only pick the teams favored to win). I myself have been known to stubbornly pick my favorite team to take the whole thing regardless of where they rank or how well they have done all season.

Whatever your selection process- Good Luck and Go Tar Heels!


You know the old adage: Spring Forward, Fall Back? At 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 12, 2017, our clocks jump ahead one hour. This means we lose an hour of sleep, but gain an hour of daylight. Unfortunately for high school students, this means they are back to walking to the bus-stop in the dark.

Some strategies to help combat the fatigue that goes along with the time change:

* Go to bed a little earlier the week leading up to Daylight Saving Time.

* Be active Sunday morning

* Keep your regular sleep hours

* Maintain your exercise routine

For some interesting facts about the history of Daylight Saving Time check out this link to

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