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Why Choose

Starkey Law Mediation?

Starkey Law Mediation offers the following benefits not otherwise available through litigation:

  • Every Mediation is conducted by a TRAINED, COURT-APPOINTED MEDIATOR;

  • Creative solutions;

  • Control over outcome;

  • Settlement is voluntary;

  • Comfortable, less-formal setting;

  • Discussion is encouraged;

  • Mediator is engaged and focused on your issues, concerns, and demands;

  • Mediation is confidential;

  • Cost-Effective (compared to Court); and

  • Mediation dates are readily available – we will schedule around your calendar.

Lite refreshments & drinks.
Mediation Notebooks, Pens & Calculators.
Maryland Child Support Calculator (Sasi-Calc).
Calendars (with major holidays and local public & private school schedules noted).
Sample Court access / visitation schedules.
Parking & Wifi.
Comfortable & convenient locations.
Every Mediation Fee Includes:

Contact us for a Free Consultation and find out if Starkey Law Mediation

is right for you.

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